Rustic Furniture Designed for Urban Living

Written by admin on December 14, 2010 – 2:35 pm -

Rustic furniture is in, and in a big way. We at provide you with easy choices to doll up your place with our exciting range of furniture in all varieties and shapes to reflect you and your personality! A man’s home is his castle and what better way to go about it than by throwing in some rustic charm to your otherwise modern living.

We have a plethora of rustic furniture designs that you would love to have a look at. Log onto our site to view an impressive collection of rustic furniture designs created for urban living. Whether you are looking for bookshelves or dining tables, cabinets or beds, you will find that our selection of furniture is designed for urban living. We also have home fitting schemes and a year’s guarantee on our products. So, if you want to add a dash of rustic beauty to your home, look no further!

  • Walnut Flooring

    Walnut flooring is expensive when compared to other types of wooden floorings. This type of wood travels a long distance to reach other parts of the world and this significantly contributes towards the price of this product. House flooring area is measured in square foot and some quantity of the wood is also wasted during the cutting and trimming process this also adds to the extra price. But Walnut flooring is all about luxury looks and appearance. If a person wants to add prestige and extremely good looking flooring then he should consider walnut wood.

    Available in polished or in fine grain finish this particular flooring should only be installed

    by professionals to make sure that the flooring is properly sealed at the end. This wooden flooring is treated with chemical agents that would repeal any attack by termites or other insects that would damage the wooden flooring. The wooden planks used here are heavy in their weight and provide a strong platform thus contributing towards the extra long life of the flooring itself. Walnut flooring can be purchased through the use of internet. The flooring along with the people who would install it would come to your door step with all equipment.

    This wooden flooring would cost a lot therefore it should be made sure that you conduct thorough market research to make sure that you bet a better price deal from a manufacturer. Invest your hard earned money in flooring that is easy to install and easy to maintain.

  • Types of Kitchen Doors

    We all know how important it is to add good-looking kitchen doors to our kitchens. They are one of the most prominent features of the house. Besides, they make your kitchen look neater even when it is messed up. If you don’t have kitchen doors installed then your kitchens are faceless. They don’t have an appearance and your guests can easily peep in and check what you are up to. So, it is important to have a good kitchen door that is sturdy and beautiful at the same time too.
    Here are the types of kitchen doors commonly available out there:
    Veneer Doors:
    Veneer kitchen doors are pretty cost effective. You can get a good veneer door which looks stunning at a relatively low price. However, these are not as reliable as the laminate doors. As they are made of woods, they can easily warp due to moisture or extreme weather conditions.
    Laminate Kitchen Doors:
    Long gone are the days when wooden doors were preferred over laminate ones. Today, everyone knows how beneficial laminate doors are. They don’t warp, they don’t get scratched easily and they don’t get patches. This is one major reason of laminate doors being so popular today.
    Glass Doors:
    Glass doors are rarely used unless you live in a lavish apartment where there are no kids. These doors can easily get cracked if they are of low quality. Glass doors of good quality which are sturdy are quite expensive so it is better to stick with laminate doors.